Hi there, my name is Nick and I’m the creator of Optimized Biohacking, your one stop site for all your biohacking products, reviews, ideas, news, and information in order to help you optimize your biohacking (see what I did there?).

As a D1 wrestler at Harvard University, I cared deeply about performance, and despite taking a few biology classes, I found that I didn’t have the resources and skills that I needed to optimize my diet, nutrition, and performance. While I still succeeded academically and athletically, I found that my success was often despite of my body, and not because of it.

After college, I didn’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, with the end result that I gained weight and found myself in a slump. That’s when I took to researching and learning about biohacking myself, starting with Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Dave Asprey, I quickly dove down the rabbit hole, and ended up feeling and performing better in the process.

My goal for this site is to share what I’ve learned and create a community around optimized biohacking. There is a right way to do this: it’s science backed and data driven. While this site is supported via affiliate links, we’re not going to recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves, that we don’t believe in.

Hopefully some of what I share will inspire you to improve your performance, aging, or whatever your biohacking goal might be.