ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Affordable and Effective

Last Updated on December 2, 2020 by James Matthews

The ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specifically designed to block 90% of blue light from your phone, computer, and TV. With blue light blocking glasses, you don’t need to worry about your eyes getting tired, your vision getting blurry, or getting headaches from looking at a screen for too long.

Using blue light blocking glasses can help you get better sleep at night due to the reduction of eye strain during the day. If your eyes are sore and uncomfortable, it can make falling asleep and staying asleep difficult.

Your eyes need rest to gain back essential nutrients that they have lost throughout the day. Blue light glasses will reduce eyestrain, making it easier for your eyes to relax at night to help you fall asleep. In this article we’ll do a deep dive into blue light glasses, then turn to ANRRI specifically.

Overview of Blue Light Glasses

The average American spends around 8 and a half hours a day staring at some kind of screen. The main problem with this is the fact that human eyes aren’t made for filtering out harmful lights coming from the screens we see so often.

Experts have been learning more and more about the damage that blue light (the light emitted from our screened devices) can cause our eyes. Blue light has the shortest wavelengths within the visible light spectrum.

Excessive blue light can increase the risk of macular degeneration (an eye disease that gets worse over time and can cause permanent vision loss in people over 60).

It is extremely common for people who look at a screen a lot to have constant headaches, dry eyes, eye strain, and even a hard time sleeping at night.

A great solution for the blue light problem is to get glasses with lenses that can block out a high amount of blue light. If you already wear glasses, you can add blue light blocking as an upgrade to your lenses.

You can also buy blue light glasses that have no prescription in them, perfect if you wear contacts or have perfect vision.

What Makes ANRRI Different?

ANRRI is the leading professional blue light blocking glasses brand since 2014. They focus on the blue light blocking technology that allows you to see clearly on digital screens.

These glasses were specifically engineered to reduce eyestrain from looking at a computer screen for too long. ANRRI has premium features that make screen time more comfortable.

Why Do We Need to Filter Blue Light?

Blue-violet light is the harmful light that our computer screens, phone screens, and TVs put off. We are constantly exposing our eyes to this unnatural and damaging blue light.

By wearing glasses with blue light blocking technology, you are able to limit the amount of blue light that actually enters your eyes and make your screens easier to look at.

How Do I Know if I am Straining My Eyes?

If you constantly have headaches, sore or tired eyes, and a stiff neck, then you might be straining your eyes too much. Most of us spend the majority of our time awake staring at a screen, putting our eyes through a lot of damage.

Blue light causes our eyes to have to work harder and puts them at risk for aging faster. An experiment conducted by Oregon State University subjected two groups of flies to cycles of 12 hours in light and 12 hours in darkness. One set of flies had blue light filtered out, the other set didn’t.

At the end of this experiment, the flies without the blue light filter showed damaged retinal cells and brain neurons, leading to impaired movement. The flies were not able to climb the walls of their enclosure after the experiment.

Design of ANRRI

ANRRI offers blue light blocking glasses in four colors. The first color offered is a classic black frame. This is great for those who want their glasses to match every outfit they wear or those who don’t really mind what their glasses look like as long as they get the job done.

They also offer a crystal frame. It is really unique because the frames are completely clear. This makes them really stylish and elegant.

The next color offered is leopard. These are perfect for those who love to make a statement with their glasses. The frame and the arms are both covered in leopard print.

The final color offered is a soft pink. The frame is similar to the crystal frame in the aspect of being completely clear. The difference between the pink and the crystal frames is the color of the pink.

Instant Results

ANRRI designs their glasses to reduce blue light, decrease glare and reflections, and increase contrast and detail. The very first second you put these glasses on you will feel immediate relief from eyestrain and other side effects (dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision). These glasses should also enhance your focus and productivity.

Who Are They Suitable For?

These glasses are suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at a digital screen every day. No matter what your age is, if you start wearing these blue light blocking glasses every day, you will notice a significant difference in your eyes.

Can They Be Worn All Day?

ANRRI designed their blue light glasses to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them comfortably all day long. You can wear them day or night, at work, or while socializing with your friends.

Our Review – Are ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It?

In our test of ANRRI we found the glasses to be made of relatively cheap material albeit they felt durable.

We wore them for a few days and noticed a reduction in eye strain – our eyes definitely felt less tired (though some found them more effective than others). Ultimately the team thought they’re a great buy at $25 and would make a great gift for anyone who stairs at a computer for large portions of the day.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, (as of writing) these glasses have 17,458 reviews. They have a 4.6 out of a 5-star rating, which is amazing. Less than 10% of the reviews gave these glasses 3-stars or less. What do the other 90%+ customers think of these glasses? Let’s see!

One customer who left a 5-star review said the glasses are cute and functional, great quality, and reduced her eye strain. She was also amused by the little blue flashlight that comes with the glasses so you can see how the glasses work in real time.

Another customer with a 5-star review highly recommends these glasses after wearing them for a few weeks in a row. They mention that it can take some getting used to if you aren’t used to wearing glasses (or glasses without a prescription in them). This customer has a job that requires them to sit in front of a computer all day and they have noticed great results with these glasses.

A customer who rated these glasses 3-stars states that the only reason she gave the rating is because the lenses have a yellow tint to them. She goes on to say that she doesn’t like that about the lenses, but she still uses them.

One customer who left a 5-star review said they notice a difference between the number of headaches they used to get before the glasses compared to how many they get now that they wear the glasses. They note that their headache days are way less than what they used to be. This person spends the majority of their time at work looking at a computer screen.

Another 5-star rating comes from a customer who loves gaming, but always gets headaches while playing on their phone or their computer screen. This customer goes on to say that the fit of the glasses is extremely comfortable and not too tight.

One 4-star review says that the glasses are cute, and they do help block the blue light. It goes on to say that the lenses are really lightweight, they are worried they can break easily.

Another 4-star review says that the frames are stylish, look great, and are comfortable to wear. This customer notices their eyes don’t hurt as bad and they are experiencing fewer headaches with the use of these glasses. They do notice a pretty intense glare on the lenses but would still recommend this product to others.


Do these glasses block UV light?

Yes, in addition to blocking blue light, all ANRRI glasses also work to block UV light.

Do these glasses come with a case?

Each pair of glasses comes with a plain black case for easy transport and protection.

What are the dimensions of the glasses?

The frame size is 6.61 by 2.4 by 1.73 inches and they weigh less than six ounces.

Bottom Line

If you experience constant headaches and tired eyes, this could be because your eyes are seeing too much blue light throughout the day. The best way to work past this is to invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

ANRRI offers a great option for a pair of blue light blocking glasses. The frames are offered in four colors; black, clear, leopard, and pink. The lenses of these glasses cut down the amount of blue light our eyes see by 90%, allowing you to experience fewer headaches and less eye strain.

These glasses are very highly rated, with about 90% of the reviews being 4 or 5-stars. Customers had really great things to say about these glasses such as how much they have helped their eyes become less tired after looking at a screen all day.