Amazon Halo vs. Apple Watch

Amazon Halo vs. Apple Watch

Without a doubt, fitness is becoming a higher priority for many people hence the boom of wearable fitness trackers. However, with a wide range of options available and varying price points, picking the best one can be quite challenging. If this is your case, then here’s the solution for you. This article will provide you … Read more

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

benfits of cryotherapy

When you step into a shower with freezing water, your first thought probably isn’t “this seems like a great way to help my body and mind heal.” The idea of your body being exposed to cold air or water for any prolonged period of time may sound like a personal hell for some, but its … Read more

The Health Benefits of Tamarind

Many natural plants have health benefits, and Tamarind is one of them. It has long been prized in many cultures around the world for its flavor, medicinal benefits, and wellness benefits. It is used as a spice in many dishes and is also drank as a juice. In some places, they even grind it into … Read more

Amazon Halo vs. Whoop Strap 3.0

Halo vs. Whoop

With fitness becoming a much larger part of most people’s lives, fitness trackers are booming. There are the main brands such as Fitbit and Apple, there are also many other brands that you may not have heard of. These other options are often cheaper and can have better features. This means saving money and getting … Read more

Garmin Index Smart Scale Review

garmin index smart scale

There are plenty of high-tech items out there, particularly when it comes to fitness, that are pretty gimmicky and not really worth your money and time. However, that is simply not the case for smart scales. These scales can help you track metrics that you would previously have to go to a specialist or purchase … Read more

Kombucha vs. Kefir: the Benefits and Differences of two Powerful Probiotics

kombucha vs kefir

Probiotics are one of the best things that you can include in your diet, and yet many don’t. Maintaining healthy gut flora by ingesting probiotics can help clear your skin, manage your weight, and can even help you fight infectious disease. In fact, our microbiome is one of the main topics of scientific research on … Read more