Kombucha vs. Kefir: the Benefits and Differences of two Powerful Probiotics

kombucha vs kefir

Probiotics are one of the best things that you can include in your diet, and yet many don’t. Maintaining healthy gut flora by ingesting probiotics can help clear your skin, manage your weight, and can even help you fight infectious disease. In fact, our microbiome is one of the main topics of scientific research on … Read more

The Best Creatine Pills in 2020

best creatine pills

Creatine is one of the most widely used nutritional supplements for several reasons. Not only does creatine offer benefits that are actually supported by research, it is also very cheap. You will not need to spend half of your paycheck on a creatine supplement. There are very few risks with creatine, and the rewards are … Read more

Apple Watch vs Garmin

apple watch vs. garmin

It used to be that Apple was a smart watch that was good for nothing more than pairing to your phone. That said, it was the first smart watch that paired to your phone in a way that made it actually cool to wear. Then Garmin upped their game. Garmin began pairing their fitness watches … Read more

The 3 Best Ankle Fitness Trackers

best ankle fitness trackers

It seems like just about everyone these days has a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or some other type of wearable fitness tracker. But, you might notice that every single fitness tracker you’ve seen sits around the wrist. If you think it makes more sense to track your steps and your distance traveled via the part of … Read more

When is the Best Time to Drink Kombucha?

the best time to drink kombucha

The first creation of kombucha dates back to around 200 B.C. in Northern China. At this time, many of the locals flocked to this brand new carbonated beverage because they believed it was loaded with antioxidants and other healing characteristics. Now at several millennia since its initial development, kombucha has become a worldwide phenomenon and … Read more