The 5 Best Biohacking Blogs

Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by James Matthews

Even if you’re not aware of the term “biohacking,” you’ve probably experienced it many times throughout your life.

Biohacking has a wide range of definitions. It mostly depends on the person you ask.

For the purpose of this article, let’s stick to the definition we care about: Biohacking is a simple way to increase your mental or physical performance by altering one aspect of your lifestyle, and testing and iterating.

In a nutshell, it’s the art of getting healthier and, at the same time, gaining more control over your life.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 5 biohacking blogs that changed my life at its core.

Those blogs aren’t just interested in presenting you with a cool life hack that may or may not work, but to fundamentally turn your life upside down.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Biohacking

There are many types of biohacking. The three most common types are DYI biology, nutrigenomics, and grinder.

DIY Biology

DIY biology is a type of biohacking that really stands out among people with a scientific background.

This type is concerned with tips and tricks to help the non-experienced with conducting detailed experiments on themselves. This biohacker puts himself in a controlled experimental environment, like a lab, and expects to gain the same results as advertised.


This type of biohacking has received its share of controversy. It’s based on the idea that you can map out and optimize your body’s genetic expression by testing different nutrients and their effect on your health over time.

It also focuses on how these different nutrients make you feel, behave, and think.


Grinders are more interested in a specialized type of biohacking that treats all parts of the human body as hack-able.

Generally, grinders want to become something similar to cyborgs. They’re willing to optimize their bodies using anywhere from gadgets and implants to chemical injections.

While we think body modification is interesting and can improve your health or performance, we tend to avoid this type of biohacking and focus on the more common, more accessible types.

Why Biohack

You may wonder what drives people to use biohacking in their lives.

The main benefit of biohacking is to grow into the best version of yourself. Some people dream of gaining immunity against all diseases (wishful thinking, but we can dream). Others are looking for a hack or two to boost their strength and intelligence.

People are also trying to significantly extend the average lifespan of a human being, by tracking the way they live and constructing a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

The 5 Best Biohacking Blogs

All Biohackers discuss important topics, but the most well-known ones are the ones that discuss easy, non-scientific topics that can quickly and positively affect you.

1.    Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple

Mark's Daily Apple is a great option for a blog for biohacking.

Mark Sisson is also known as the father of the primal movement. He’s an American blogger and a former distance runner.

The primal movement is built upon the foundation of reconnecting with how the body’s designed to perform. This is done by exploring all the various planes of motion, such as vertical pressing, climbing, and using our torsos to create resistance against pushing and pulling forces.

Most Notable Biohacks

The Daily Apple usually focuses on nutrition and fitness. It’s well known for its extensive plans for nutrition and training that can keep you in shape.


These high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, appears many times in this blog.

In fact, Mark Sisson says that performing a HIIT, like sprinting for 4 minutes weekly, is more beneficial in terms of your heart than performing cardio for 30 minutes daily.


The Daily Apple has a nutrition plan called the “Primal Diet.” This diet offers you anything our ancestors were accessible to. It consists of food in its most natural state, which helps you to get and stay in shape

2.    The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss has a great blog for biohacking

Tim Ferris is an American entrepreneur. He is the writer of the book 4 Hour Workweek. Even though he doesn’t identify himself as a biohacker. His writings are always full of biohacks.

Most Notable Biohacks

Ferriss has a distinct approach that he covers in his blog and book. Among them are the following.

Engineering Your Own Work

One of the most iconic biohacks in his book. Tim Ferris usually focuses on how your job affects your mood.

Reading his books may help you in creating your own work from home, which will save you more time and probably make you more money. Just imagine working shirtless on your bed, amazing, right?


Tim also shares his view on nootropics a lot. He also explains why he thinks tea is a stimulant and sex is better than porn for your biochemistry.

This can help you understand new ways to utilize your body to the fullest extent without needing anything that’s considered ‘hardcore’.

3.    Daniel Vitalis’ ReWild Yourself Blogs

Daniel Vitalis has one of the best blogs for biohackers

Daniel Vitalis doesn’t identify himself as a biohacker. However, he’s one of the most loved biohackers in the world. He also tries to live our ancestor’s life like wearing a sweater made of a grey wolf.

Most Notable Biohacks

The ReWild Yourself blogs always discuss how you can benefit from living like your ancestors. Their biohacks are known for achieving high results from following this pathway. They share some similarities with Mark Sisson’s blogs.

Spring Water

Drinking spring water is perfect for your health. This topic is brought up often in the blog. You may think you can’t gain access to spring water. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s probably a spring water source near you.

Sun Exposure

Getting at least 15 minutes of UVB radiation is crucial to your health. This can improve your mood, boost your hormonal function, and greatly improve your sleep. Believe it or not, if you want to boost your benefits from sun exposure, you must get completely naked!

Breathing Patterns

You should change your breathing pattern to a healthier one. This is much better than random breathing, as it gives you control over your body.

This method is actually used by a lot of people, as Daniel always mentions it in his blogs. It’s very good for you and results in lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and increased energy.

4.    Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Articles

Dave Asprey has one of the best biohacking blogs

Dave Asprey is probably the most popular biohacker in the world. His podcast is the best at giving free information about your lifestyle.

The “Bulletproof” blogs talk about nutrition frequently. They’re also well-known for laying out plans of nutrition, which keep you healthy and in shape

Most Notable Biohacks

These blogs discuss scientific ways that can help you with your body. They’re mostly about nutrition. The results are always reliable and known for how easy (and accessible) they are.


Ketosis is the process of replacing sugars with fats to provide enough energy to our bodies. This works by eating a little amount of carbs, but only in your last meal of the day. This enables ketosis to take place most of the day.


You can find within the blog a detailed explanation of the connection between stress and proper breathing.

The best way to treat stress is by breathing through your diaphragm instead of your lungs and trying to exhale using your stomach instead of your chest. This will result in a controlled heart rate and mental relaxation.


Having a good sleeping schedule can be an easy way to change your life, as sleeping allows your brain to repair itself.

The same goes for lack of sleep. It can be very dangerous since it damages your brain cells. This biohack explains how easy it is to change your life by simply adding some good habits to your day and removing bad ones; habits that will ultimately guide you into better sleep.

5.    Ben Greenfield Fitness Blogs

One of the best biohacking blogs is ben greenfield fitness

Ben is an American Biohacker and an ex-bodybuilder. He’s 39 years old, even though his passion for life is much bigger compared to his age.

His blogs don’t mind sharing any kind of experience, as long as it can be beneficial to his health. They really dig deep into scientific information. The best part? They’ll cover pretty much everything when it comes to fitness.

Most Notable Biohacks

Ben’s blogs usually consist of recipes. They always discuss small plates that can be easily added to your nutrition plan and how they’d function your body.

Nearly all of these biohacks benefited me on a personal level. They post juice recipes that are very healthy and cheap, like the “Ultimate Hangover Cure” and the “Blood Sugar Balancing Cocktail.” You definitely should read his blogs frequently to learn about new nifty tips and tricks.

Closing Thoughts

Biohacking doesn’t sound as hard as you thought, does it?

It doesn’t matter which one you choose to start your biohacking journey. Every blog mentioned above is more than capable of fundamentally changing your life for the better.

All you need to do is set some goals and abide by one (or more) of our best biohacking blogs.