The Four Best Teas for Fasting

Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by James Matthews

In case you’re in a rush, here are our best rated teas for fasting:

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Recently fasting has become quite the hot topic. Intermittent fasting in particular has become a very popular method for people to control their weight. They may choose to follow the 16:8 method where a person fasts for 16 hours of the day and only eats during an 8-hour window. Other people prefer the 5:2 method where they fast two days a week by eating fewer than 500 calories on those two days.

Whatever kind of fast you choose to follow, adding a cup of tea can make the experience much better. Tea provides quite a few benefits that can make your fasting experience more comfortable and more fulfilling. It’s also a great way to ease the transition into intermittent fasting if you’re trying it for the first time. 

Why is drinking tea while fasting beneficial?

Warm beverages have long been a source of comfort for many people. We offer hot tea to console people who are upset and prefer to drink hot tea when we are not feeling well. The idea that tea can improve mood and provide comfort is nothing new.

Tea has also been used medicinally for generations. The use of herbal teas to boost health and support healing has been around for a very long time. Using tea to support fasting is simply an extension of these two existing roles that tea plays in our lives. 

Reduces Hunger

There are several kinds of tea that can help soothe stomach aches. The same teas often work well to reduce hunger and cravings. This can make the first few fasts much more manageable as you can drink a cup of tea to settle your stomach when you would normally be digging through your cabinets looking for food.

Provides Energy

Many teas are a source of energy. Both green tea and black tea contain some caffeine that will give you a burst of energy when you are feeling sluggish during those first few fasts. This quick energy burst can make your fasting much more manageable. This is especially important if you lead an active life while fasting regularly.

Heals the Digestive System

Many people turn to intermittent fasting as a way to help resolve digestive issues as well. There are many teas that can help resolve digestive issues. Several kinds of tea promote digestive health and can help balance the hormones that impact our mood and gut health.

Using your fast as an opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot tea can provide the added benefit of increasing the good bacteria in your digestive system, too. Some teas are even prebiotics that will encourage the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal system to thrive.

What kinds of teas are there?

If you’ve ever stood in the tea aisle at your local grocery store you’ve probably discovered how overwhelming the selection can be. In today’s world there are endless varieties and combinations that promise all kinds of flavor and health miracles. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Tea can really be broken into two simple categories. There are the original teas that are brewed using tea leaves from the plant, Camellia sinensis. These are sometimes called true teas. All other teas are generally referred to as herbal teas. These come from a variety of plants and parts of plants that are not the leaves of Camellia sinensis.


In truth, there are only 3 kinds of real tea:

All of these teas come from varieties of the Camilla Sinensis plant. While there are different variations of the plant that create these three different variations of tea, they all have certain things in common. All of these real teas contain caffeine and can be purchased as loose-leaf or in teabags. Anytime you read about reading tea leaves, you are likely reading about one of these three varieties.

Green, black, and oolong teas all will give you a great energy burst. They have varying levels of caffeine and varying levels of antioxidants as well. All of these teas can be brewed hot or cold and make a great daily jolt of energy while slowing aging.

Herbal Tea

Everything else available is categorized as an herbal tea. These come in four main categories that all have a few things in common. Most herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free, though some are not. These are often the teas that are mixed with specific flavors and combined in various ways to create unique tea blends. These teas are almost always brewed hot and fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Spice teas – including chai (when not made with black tea), ginger, and cinnamon
  • Fruit teas – including raspberry, lemon, and acai
  • Flower teas – including chamomile, lavender, and hibiscus
  • Herb teas – including rooibos, peppermint, and mint

Spiced teas tend to have a very strong flavor that is best when brewed hot. On the other hand, fruit teas are known for their sweetness and make a great evening treat to calm sweet cravings. Flower teas are known to be mild and relaxing and often have a hint of sweetness to them as well. Medicinal teas are most often brewed using herbs or spices.

How much tea should I drink?

Tea can and should be consumed in much larger quantities than many other drinks. In fact, some people view green tea to be the second most healthy beverage choice, after water. This means that drinking at least 3 cups of tea each day is a very reasonable amount. The next time you find yourself fasting and wish that you could reach for some snack, grab a cup of tea instead.

What are the best teas for fasting?

But how do we choose which of these varieties of teas are best for fasting? There are a few specific choices that can meet the challenges that come with starting an intermittent fasting regimen. They will help curb your hunger while satisfying your cravings. These are also the teas most likely to settle your stomach and give you a quick burst of energy.

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This tea is made by Organic India and includes lemon, ginger, and basil. It is caffeine-free, so you can enjoy a cup right before bed without risking the quality of your sleep. Since it is certified organic by the USDA and is a Non – GMO choice, it is good for the environment in addition to being good for your body.

The basil in this tea is said to have properties that can help with healing, but the real star of this show is the ginger. It is a great way to settle your stomach, as you adjust to your periods of fasting. Ginger also helps to bring down any inflammation and can encourage good circulation of your blood.

As the ginger and basil are combined, they become a great stress reliever. The lemon in this tea provides a great flavor that is light and refreshing. This tea is one that can be enjoyed hot or cold and at any time of day.

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Republic of Tea is a well-known brand that makes high-quality teas in responsible ways. Their packaging is both environmentally friendly and great at keeping your bags of tea fresh. This specific tea is made of green tea leaves, so it does contain some caffeine. This will give you a nice energy boost when you feel your energy falter.

The honey in this tea adds a gentle and natural sweetness that can reduce cravings without the use of any sugar. The tea is free of any calories and offers numerous benefits. The combination of green tea with ginseng supercharges your health.

Many people believe that green tea can actually increase the amount of fat that you burn each day. Even better, the high number of antioxidants in green tea can reduce your risk of cancer and protect your skin and mind from the effects of aging. Because green tea can support a healthier diet and lifestyle in general, it can also reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Ginseng has been popular for quite a while. It is said to be able to boost brain function and improve your immune system. Ginseng may also help protect against cancer and is said to add to your level of energy. As long as you drink your tea plain, you can even use it as an easy way to moderate your blood sugar.

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When FGO decided to begin blending tea in California, they were careful to source only the best black tea leaves from India and China. Their tea is Non – GMO in addition to being certified as organic by the USDA. Much like the Republic of Tea, their bags reduce their environmental impact by being free of strings and tags. They stay fresh in a kraft bag that is lined with foil, so there is no need for individual wrappers.

Black tea is a great alternative for coffee lovers. The rich and full body flavor of an English breakfast tea will satisfy your need 4 a hot morning beverage. Meanwhile, the caffeine in black tea will prevent you from getting the headaches so commonly associated with caffeine withdrawals.

These aren’t the only benefits to black tea though. It is believed that black tea has antioxidant properties that are very similar to green tea. This means that they can reduce your risk of cancer. It is also said that black tea may improve your heart health, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

This particular black tea option is environmentally friendly and fancy free. It does not include any fruit or spice flavors so you can enjoy the flavor of the tea leaves themselves. Since FGO uses only the highest quality tea leaves, you’ll be glad to enjoy their flavor without distraction.

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While you are less likely to have heard of Rooibos Rocks as a brand, it is worth taking the time to get to know the company. They source there Roy boasts red tea from South Africa. It is certified as organic by the USDA and is also non – GMO.

Rooibos Rocks takes great pride in using only ethically and sustainably farmed rooibos tea, so you will know that your purchase doesn’t hurt our planet. It is very high in antioxidants, so it can reduce the effects of aging while also potentially decreasing your risk of cancer.

Rooibos tea is made using the leaves of a bush that commonly grows in South Africa. It is typically fermented to give it a red color and temper the flavor. While it is free of caffeine, you can drink it the same way that you enjoy your black or green tea.

This particular brand is an excellent choice to allow you to focus on the flavor of the tea itself, since it does not include any added herbs or flavors. Red Rooibos tea is a great option for when you want a full-flavored tea right before bedtime. It has a similar flavor but won’t leave you with any jitters.


Having a hot beverage can really soothe the challenges that come with fasting. This is even more true if you are just starting an intermittent fasting routine. Choosing the right tea for fasting can be a bit tricky at first, but the benefits make it worth your time. A good cup of tea can soothe your stomach, curb your appetite, reduce your cravings, and may even support improved health.

Keeping an assortment of teas on hand will make it easy to add variety to you day without adding any calories. All of the teas suggested here are bagged to make brewing them easy and convenient. You won’t need any special equipment to enjoy a rich cup of English Breakfast tea or a soothing Honey Ginseng Green tea. These teas will give you the choice to get a burst of energy from caffeine or relax before bed with an herbal option. They all make a great choice while fasting.