Whoop vs Apple Watch 6

Whoop vs Apple Watch

Looking for the perfect fitness tracker can be a tricky thing, especially when you already have your heart set on a specific brand. However, as responsible consumers, we want to know everything down to the ins and out of the devices we’re using to monitor our bodies. Not only will this allow us to assess … Read more

Oura vs. Halo

oura vs. halo

With Amazon entering the wearable space with the Halo, you may be wondering whether you should buy the Halo vs. the Oura Ring. While they share some similar features, we’ve analyzed both products in the past (we compared Oura vs. Whoop and Whoop vs. Halo), but wanted to consolidate our insights. In this article we … Read more

Whoop vs Fitbit Inspire 2

Whoop vs Fitbit

Fitness is becoming popular as more and more people are opting to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the best gadgets to support you in your fitness journey is a reliable fitness tracker. But with so many options in the market, choosing the best one for you can be baffling. This article will go through … Read more

Amazon Halo vs. Fitbit: The Upstart vs. The Incumbent

amazon halo vs fitbit

Recent events have opened our eyes to the true importance of good health and wellness. The time we spent in our homes during the pandemic made us look into our bodies and had us re-assessing our habits. This has led us to the collecting and re-cultivating of habits and routines, most of which involve health … Read more

Oura vs. Apple Watch: Simplicity vs. Features

Oura vs. Apple Watch

Today, more and more people are becoming conscious about their health. As a result, wearable fitness trackers are now more popular than ever. However, with almost all major tech companies launching their own wearable fitness trackers, choosing can be confusing. If you have this dilemma, then you are on the right page. This article will … Read more

Amazon Halo vs. Apple Watch

Amazon Halo vs. Apple Watch

Without a doubt, fitness is becoming a higher priority for many people hence the boom of wearable fitness trackers. However, with a wide range of options available and varying price points, picking the best one can be quite challenging. If this is your case, then here’s the solution for you. This article will provide you … Read more

Amazon Halo vs. Whoop Strap 4.0

Halo vs. Whoop

With fitness becoming a much larger part of most people’s lives, fitness trackers are booming. There are the main brands such as Fitbit and Apple, there are also many other brands that you may not have heard of. These other options are often cheaper and can have better features. This means saving money and getting … Read more

Apple Watch vs Garmin

apple watch vs. garmin

It used to be that Apple was a smart watch that was good for nothing more than pairing to your phone. That said, it was the first smart watch that paired to your phone in a way that made it actually cool to wear. Then Garmin upped their game. Garmin began pairing their fitness watches … Read more