Amazon Halo vs. Whoop Strap 4.0

Last Updated on February 10, 2022 by James Matthews

With fitness becoming a much larger part of most people’s lives, fitness trackers are booming. There are the main brands such as Fitbit and Apple, there are also many other brands that you may not have heard of.

These other options are often cheaper and can have better features. This means saving money and getting healthy, a win-win. Both the Amazon Halo (original and View) and the Whoop Strap 4.0 are viable options to consider when shopping for fitness bands.

This article will go through the pros and cons of the Amazon Halo vs. the Whoop Strap 4.0 as well as similarities and differences. That way you can make the most informed decision possible!

Amazon Halo

It was only a matter of time until Amazon jumped into the fitness band game. With their own electronics from kindles to tablets to Alexa, it only made sense for them to offer an affordable fitness band as well.

This fitness band comes out to $65 right now although that is special early pricing. The regular price will be about $100. There are currently three colors: silver, back and pink as of now but they may be looking at adding more colors in the near future. As for sizes there is small, medium, and large available to consumers.

Halo Membership

For the Halo there are many different benefits. The membership for their analytics is available for free for the first six months, then after that it comes out to $4 a month afterward.

This membership includes tone of voice analysis, sleep tracking, and activity tracking. If the membership is not renewed then you are still able to gain access to sleep time, heart rate, and step tracking but none of the other amazing features.

Halo Benefits

The Amazon Halo is screen free so that it does not distract you during the day, but it still has great features. The body composition feature can help you measure body fat percentage,which is very helpful when trying to lose weight or just get more fit. This is a built-in feature that has easy instructions.

The fitness tracker can not only track your number of steps or how long you exercise but also the intensity of your exercise. It can detect running and calculate how many calories you most likely burned. This will make the entire process of tracking your activity much easier and less time consuming.

Along with this there are programs that you can do with your tracker as well. These can help you challenge yourself with new exercises or longer periods of exercise. Some of these programs are even formulated to better assist in weight loss.

The sleep tracker is able to track how long you sleep and how long you are in each sleep cycle. It will also be able to tell you how often you wake up. This could help you to analyze your sleep and figure out a way to get better sleep throughout the night.

The most unique feature of the Amazon Halo has to be the tone analyzer. It’s reported to analyze your voice when you speak to see how energetic it or positive it is. This supposedly will help strengthen your communication skills – you are basically able to see how you sound when talking to certain people.

Halo Pro’s

  • Affordable at Only $100 Normally and $65 Right Now
  • Water-Resistant at 50 Meters Deep
  • Holds Charge for Two Days with Voice Analyzing
  • Holds Charge for Seven Days without Voice Analyzing
  • Affordable Body Percentage Analysis at Only $80
    • Highly Accurate as Well
  • Over 100 Programs Designed to Help You Improve Your Life and Fitness
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Halo Con’s

  • No Screen on the Fitness Tracker
    • Must Check Phone to See Steps and More
  • Membership Payments of $4 a Month
    • Fitbit and Apple do not have Memberships for their fitness trackers
  • First Generation
  • Only Fabric Bands Which May Not be Comfortable for Everyone
  • Only Available in the United States Right Now
  • Quality issues (see 4 stars on the View and 3.5 stars on the regular Halo)

Although Amazon has a lot of great products the Halo has some cons that some may not be able to get past. However, you still have a year warranty to test it. That way you can try it out and see how it goes for you. At such an affordable price, why not?

Whoop Strap 4.0


The Whoop Strap 4.0 has a different type of philosophy and selling point. This company is not really selling the fitness band but instead it is selling their membership. Therefore, it is more comparable to the Amazon Halo than other fitness trackers. In fact, the CEO of Whoop accused Amazon of copying their product.

The company’s mission is to help everyone perform at their highest level possible. They are trying to do this by tracking all aspects of life and putting creating analytics and metrics that are easy to understand.

Whoop Membership

This Whoop membership is much more expensive than the Halo’s. The Whoop Strap 4.0 membership is $30 a month. Well, starting at $30 a month so there may be extra features if you pay more from there.

The Whoop membership gives the user access to the community of other Whoop Strap users as well as the analytics that the Whoop Strap generates. The fitness band is free, but remember, the membership is $30 a month, and if you stop paying for the membership then you can’t use the band anymore because it is fully linked to the membership.

Whoop Strap Benefits

The band of the Whoop Strap 4.0 was made for people who have a very active and high performance lifestyle which means it will not chaff or make you sweat more than normal. Since this band has 24/7 tracking you will be able to get a better view on your activity and performance.

The battery life is far better with the Whoop than the Amazon Halo while using all features. The Whoop Strap 4.0 lasts for five days without being charged, and there is also a battery pack that is not too large so that you can charge it while wearing it.

Because this is a fitness band made for those who are fitness junkies it has a sleep coach and a strain coach. The sleep coach is just what it sounds like, it analyzes your sleep schedule and cycles so that it can make suggestions on how to better your sleep habits.

The strain coach helps you to exercise perfectly for your body. The Whoop Strap 4.0 will analyze your body so that when you start a workout or activity it will tell you when to push yourself and when to slow down. This could help you to reach your goals so much faster.

This band will not only help you work out but will help you recover as well. With a daily recovery status, it will help you figure out your body’s recovery process. This will help you to get in line with your body and figure out what best suits you.

This watch will also let you log your own trends as well as track trends for you. This way you are able to see what you are doing right and what you may be doing wrong and asses from there.

The main difference between this band and others is the community. With Whoop, you are able to join teams so that you can all push each other to do better or participate in activities together. This will also give you the ability to rank on leader boards so that you can see how you are doing in a high-performance community.

Whoop Pro’s

  • High-Performance Community to Help You Achieve More
  • Free Band with Membership Purchase
  • Tracks Sleep, Exercise, and Recovery the Best of any Fitness Band
  • Focus on Improving All Aspects of Your Life

Whoop Con’s

  • Price: Memberships Costs $30 a Month
  • No Option to Have Band Without Membership
  • Not for Beginners

This band has more pros than cons but it really depends on your fitness level as well as your needs and wants with a fitness band. This may not be great for those who are just starting out with fitness bands as it is more focused on high-performance.

Conclusion: When should you pick the Halo or the Whoop?

With Amazon’s latest gadget they’re offering a solid attempt to compete with the Whoop. While it is a new product and still in beta, Whoop can’t compete on price: $4 vs. $30 for a membership, and the Halo device only costs $65. That means you’ll save money after 4 months of owning the Halo vs. the Whoop.

However, Whoop has always positioned itself as the premium, high performance fitness band. It would be surprising if Amazon could replicate all of the analytics and data Whoop is able to provide at such a low price point. Elite athletes and people who want the best metrics and quality would still be better of going with Whoop for now.

One feature the Halo has vs. the Whoop Strap is voice analyzing. Amazon has plenty of data from its Alexa products, so voice analyzing should be a relatively effective feature. If analyzing your communication is of interest to you, then Halo is worth considering – just remember that it’s a battery hog and you’ll need to charge your Halo every two days.

When it comes to Halo vs. Whoop, Amazon has delivered a great new gadget at an attractive price point, while Whoop will likely remain the fitness band of choice for elite athletes. As a personal anecdote, this author’s Halo broke after a year of intermittent use – if you can afford it we recommend the Whoop