The Best Health and Fitness Gifts for Under $25

Last Updated on October 25, 2020 by James Matthews

We all have that health nut in our lives who we’re not sure exactly how to shop for. Rather than the standard Amazon gift card, we’ve come up with a great list of budget friendly items that are sure to be a hit. From fitness staples to some pretty niche novelties, here’s our list of the best health and fitness gifts for under $25:

DEGOL Skipping Rope

Jump ropes are a great addition to any home gym. They make for a great warm up or cardio workout on their own. Best of all, this rope is particularly heavy duty and affordable.

Ab Wheel

Anyone who’s ever tried an ab wheel knows how great of a workout it is for your core (and how sore you get – even days after). Anyway, it’s also a very affordable and great addition to any home gym, and therefore a great gift as well!

Acupressure Mat

This one is funky! Acupressure is becoming more and more popular as a way of promoting pain relief and relaxing muscles. Just think about it as an intense massage but with hundreds of plastic points instead of a few fingers. Great for anyone who needs an added boost to their recovery.

DripDrop Dehydration Relief

We’re big fans of hydration, whether it’s post workout or after a long night on the town (or in, as is the case during 2020). DripDrop is one of the best brands for rapid rehydration, and a great stocking stuffer.

Iron Flask Water Bottle

More hydration! Iron Flask is one of the best bottle brands around, and makes a great gift for fitness buffs and hydro homies alike.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

We’ve talked about the different ways to consume apple cider vinegar here. Goli is certainly one of the better ways to get your daily dose of apple cider. Another great stocking stuffer at an affordable price.

GHB Pro Agility Ladder

Another great gift for someone building out their home gym with limited space. An agility ladder is great for cardio and building up fast twitch muscle fibers.

Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Coffee

This is one of our personal favorites. Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane coffee packs a punch and is a great conversation starter and stocking stuffer. This is definitely a unique gift.

Ashwagandha Root Powder

Another one of our reader’s favorites, this is a great supplement for anxiety relief. If you’re looking for a gift for a budding biohacker or nootropic aficionado, this is a great gift. Of course, it’s a great gift for someone who could use some help relaxing as well.

LES Labs Cortisol Health Supplement

Similar to the Ashwagandha Root Powder, this supplement helps lower cortisol. While it’s technically a little over $25, we wanted to include it just in case it went on sale over the next month or so.


These are the best health and fitness gifts under $25 we’ve found so far but we’ll be sure to update them as we get closer to Christmas.