Natrulo Ear Drops Review: Natural Ear Pain Relief

Ear infections are a nasty business, often leaving you suffering in pain and discomfort. Even though not all ear infections require antibiotics to treat, it’s important to use the right medication to ensure proper healing.

You’ve likely seen countless types of ear drops at your local drug store. However, most medicines use artificial fillers and chemicals that aren’t safe for your body. As such, you might instead consider Natrulo Ear Drops. Read on to find out why you need this all-natural solution in your medicine cabinet.

What Are Natrulo Ear Drops?

Natrulo’s Ear Drops are a special formula that ditches the potentially harmful chemicals used in many over-the-counter ear drops. Instead, Natrulo uses safe and effective ingredients that you can trust.

Rather than artificial additives, Natrulo Ear Drops consist of German chamomile, olive oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and garlic. Thanks to these powerful ingredients, you can look forward to healing relief from painful ear infections.

In fact, garlic has long been used for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. What’s more, it even aids in reducing swelling. Combined with the rest of Natrulo’s ingredients, you’re getting an infection-fighting formula that is sure to comfort your aching ears.

Who Can Use Natrulo Ear Drops?

Because Natrulo Ear Drops are 100% natural, they are safe for the whole family. Both children and adults can benefit from Natrulo Ear Drops without fear of the side effects that sometimes come from using artificial ear drops.

Not only will your family benefit from these ear drops, but so will your pets. That’s right; Natrulo Ear Drops are so safe and versatile that you can use them to treat your dog’s ear conditions.

Other Uses

Ear infections aren’t the only thing Natrulo Ear Drops treat. They are also useful for relieving earaches without infection. If you or your little one is experiencing painful ears, simply apply Natrulo Ear Drops to reduce discomfort.

Furthermore, you can use these ear drops to loosen the wax that has built up on your ears. If you have difficulty hearing due to wax buildup, Natrulo Ear Drops are effective in helping remove stubborn wax.

The all-natural formula loosens wax to restore your hearing back to normal. If you’ve ever gotten water trapped in your ears, you know how bothersome it can be. Fortunately, you have a helpful solution that will remove that pesky water and clear up any muffled sounds you’re hearing.


Natrulo Ear Drops

Whether you’re suffering from an ear infection, earache, plugged ear canal, or water in the ear, Natrulo has an ingredient to provide relief. Let’s look at each ingredient more closely so you can see they can benefit you.


You’ve likely seen lavender in all sorts of products, as it is known for its pleasing aroma and color. However, lavender is also chock-full of medicinal properties. Specifically, it is beneficial in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

That’s why Natrulo includes lavender in its specially-formulated ear drops. When you’re suffering from ear pain, you need the healing power of lavender to provide its calming qualities.

German Chamomile

One of the chief causes of ear infections is bacteria. As such, you need a powerful formula to kill off any bacteria and relieve you of your discomfort. That’s precisely what German chamomile is known for. Not only is it effective in killing bacteria, but it’s also shown to provide pain relief and reduce swelling.


Natrulo Ear Drops

This natural ingredient protects your ears from harmful bacteria so you can experience faster healing. What’s more, garlic also provides you with pain-relieving benefits and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is effective in removing impurities from your ears. And if you are suffering from water in the ear or a clogged ear canal, you can trust tea tree oil to help clear up any blockage. Natrulo combines tea tree oil and the other ingredients in natural olive oil, giving you a convenient and easy-to-use solution for combating ear troubles.

How to Use Natrulo Ear Drops

Natrulo Ear Drops

Using Natrulo Ear Drops is a breeze thanks to the included dropper. If you have a child 10 years old or younger, use the dropper to place two to three drops in their affected ear every six hours. Adults and kids over 10 years of age may apply four to five drops every six hours.
And if you need to treat your dog’s ear issues, place one to two drops in the affected ear. Follow up by gently massaging the ear to help work in the formula.

Final Thoughts

Natural remedies are on the rise, as more people are learning just how bad artificial medication can be. If you want to ensure your family’s health and safety when treating ear infections, Natrulo’s Ear Drops will serve you well.

This vegan-friendly, kid-safe formula works quickly to provide relief. It’s impressive just how fast these drops to the trick. What’s more, Natrulo Ear Drops are affordable. Instead of going to the doctor or taking your dog to the vet and spending a small fortune, you can simply use these drops and save a bundle.

Granted, there are some ear infections that require a doctor’s attention, especially if you have an ear infection that won’t go away. But for most ear trouble, Natrulo provides the care you need for relief and comfort. Considering the price and how well Natrulo Ear Drops work, you’re getting an incredible bargain.