Our Rapid Release Pro-2 Review: Percussion with a Bang

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 by James Matthews

If you suffer from chronic pain, you know how challenging it can be trying to find relief from your discomfort. Sure, you can take prescription and over-the-counter medications, but those only mask the root cause of your pain.

Not only that but there are risks to your health, as well as the potential for becoming dependent on those medicines. As such, you need a safe and effective alternative that will give you the relief you need without the risk of harmful side effects.

That’s where the Rapid Release Pro-2 can make a big difference in your life. We spent some time with this unique device to see what all the hype was about. In short, we think you will be pleased with what it brings to the table.

What Is Rapid Release Pro-2?

The Rapid Release Pro-2 is a revolutionary device that is designed to target areas anywhere on your body. If you are experiencing pain, you can position the Rapid Release Pro-2 to the area causing you discomfort for fast and effective pain relief.

How does it work?

The Rapid Release Pro-2 functions by delivering high-speed vibrations. When you hold the unit against the area causing you the most discomfort, the vibrations serve to loosen up your tired, sore muscles.

When used regularly, you can look forward to lasting pain relief. The effects of the Rapid Release Pro-2 are truly something incredible. We’ve tried a series of devices in the past that claimed to relieve pain by delivering vibrations to the body. But in the end, they all ended up making us feel worse than before we started treatment. The vibrations from lesser machines hurt, causing your muscles to burn and sting. That’s not the case with the Rapid Release Pro-2.

This innovative unit comes with five built-in treatment heads. As such, you have an incredible range over the areas you wish to target. The Rapid Release Pro-2 allows you to pinpoint the smallest of areas on your body. So if you have a muscle ache in a specific location, you don’t have to worry about disrupting the other parts of your muscle.

The precision of the Rapid Release Pro-2 is truly remarkable, making it one of the most accurate and effective devices of its kind. For example, we tested the Rapid Release Pro-2 on a small area of our wrists.

Whereas other machines would make it nearly impossible to target such a tiny spot, the Rapid Release Pro-2 handled it with ease. And in doing so, we were able to experience incredible relief without hitting areas that didn’t require treatment.

How to Use Rapid Release Pro-2

You aren’t just limited to your arms or back. The Rapid Release Pro-2 works flawlessly on your hips, thighs, calves, buttocks – anywhere you are feeling sore. This is the kind of comfort and precision you would only expect to find in a physical therapist’s office.

Thankfully, you can experience world-class pain relief in the comfort of your own home. We can only imagine the money people will save by investing in the Rapid Release Pro-2. Instead of spending a small fortune in therapy visits, you can perform your own pain relief whenever you wish.


Rapid Release Pro-2

The Rapid Release Pro-2 weighs just 2.24 pounds. The lightweight construction makes it a breeze to maneuver anywhere you need relief. This is all thanks to the additional smaller heads that line the outside of the main, larger head. Because of these, you can pinpoint painful areas with expert precision.

The vibration that is delivered to your body is gentle yet powerful. Unlike cheaper vibrating units, the Rapid Release Pro-2’s vibrations are comfortable and relaxing. And yet, they work deep into your muscle tissue to relieve even the most stubborn aches and pains.

The grip on the Rapid Release Pro-2 is equally comfortable, allowing you to hold onto the device for prolonged periods without experiencing hand cramps and other aches. This speaks to the clever craftsmanship that went into designing the Rapid Release Pro-2.

It’s worth noting that you aren’t just limited to treating sore, achy muscles. The Rapid Release Pro-2 is shown to provide TMJ relief, as well. Targeting the areas associated with TMJ are incredibly small. But thanks to the smaller heads on the Rapid Release Pro-2, you’ll have no trouble getting the relief you need.

Given that this is such a well-designed device, you can trust that you’re making a sound investment. Additionally, you get a two-year warranty included with the Rapid Release Pro-2, giving you protection from any defects after purchase.


It is truly amazing what the Rapid Release Pro-2 does for pain and discomfort. Now when you need relief, you can simply turn to this capable device. Be aware that the Rapid Release Pro-2 is considerably more expensive than standard massage devices because you’re getting professional relief that was once only available through a licensed practitioner.

Now, you can provide your own pain relief on your own time. The Rapid Release Pro-2 is certainly an investment, but one that is sure to serve you well for the rest of your life.