Whoop vs Fitbit Inspire 2

Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by James Matthews

Fitness is becoming popular as more and more people are opting to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the best gadgets to support you in your fitness journey is a reliable fitness tracker. But with so many options in the market, choosing the best one for you can be baffling.

This article will go through the features, strengths, and weaknesses of Whoop vs. the Fitbit Inspire 2 to determine their similarities and differences. With this, you’ll be able to identify which tracker best suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.


The Whoop is all about achieving peak human performance by optimizing your body. This is a biohacker’s device. The founder of the company wanted athletes to go beyond their limits without having to risk themselves with injuries and burn out. The dream is to unlock human performance by listening to what your body needs.

It functions as a digital coach and explains to you how you can improve your performance during training. The Whoop goes beyond heart rate monitoring and tells you what your body needs like workout strain through heart rate and heart rate variability. It also monitors other metrics such as fatigue and recovery during sleep. The main goal is to target high performance for athletes and fitness buffs through data analysis.

Whoop’s Key Features:

  • 5 days of battery life
  • Removable battery pack
  • Adjustable strap
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Water-resistant

Whoop Membership

Whoop membership gives users access to the Whoop community. You can either create your own team or join other Whoop members through public groups. You can join Whoop teams to meet people based on activities, or you can join teams to track a specific behavior with other people. It serves as a great support system in chasing your goal.

Membership starts at $30 per month with a free band. But once you stop your membership, you will no longer be able to use the band since your access to the app and the community will be cut off.  However, they don’t offer one-time payments.

Whoop Benefits

It’s not meant to be used as a smartwatch, which is why Whoop doesn’t have a display (similar to smart rings, which we’ve compared). Despite having no screen, its design is simple and sleek. It has elastic bands that can be readjusted or changed. Your metrics will be provided on their app which will not only show how well you performed but also how you can perform better.

Since the wearable strap is water-resistant and durable, it can be used for all kinds of sports activities. It’s quite comfortable too since it dries in a short amount of time.

It has a removable battery pack that can be charged separately. When your strap needs recharging, you simply slide the battery pack on top of the band so it can still take your data while charging. Keep in mind that although the strap is water-resistant, the battery is not and should be removed before doing any water-related activity.

As it relies on heart rate monitoring, it’s more beneficial for cardio-based workouts. Whoop may recommend the intensity for your next workout. It can also detect if you are stressed which can hinder you from performing better.

Whoop has a sleep coach feature that helps you optimize your peak performance for the days you choose. In the evening, it sends you a notification on the app to let you know how much sleep you need to prepare your body for your performance goals for the following day. This is a good approach to monitoring your recovery levels and making sure that your body is not overstrained.

You are given a recovery percentage which informs you how prepared your body is to take on the level of workout intensity you chose. Based on that analysis, it’s up to you whether you would like to continue with your workout or tone it down to the level you can manage. You can also take a rest day if you did not meet your sleep prescription.

Whoop also has a strain coach feature that lets you monitor your strain level during a workout. Through the app, you will be able to check your heart rate. This can help you to keep an eye on your condition during rest periods.

Based on your recovery level during rest periods, Whoop will analyze what your optimal strain level would be for the duration of the workout. The ideal range is the range where you get an adequate workout intensity while avoiding burning out. This makes sure that you can push your performance without overworking your body.

Whoop Strengths:

  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • The monthly membership fee includes the band
  • High-performing community
  • Tracks your recovery rate, sleep, and workout strain
  • Easy to read metrics and stores performance data
  • Waterproof

Whoop Weaknesses:

  • No display
  • No one-time purchase
  • Membership costs $30 per month and is required

Whoop’s only downsides are its lack of display on the watch and the fact that you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to use the band. Despite those, Whoop proves to be a great fitness tracker to ensure you can achieve peak performance. It’s for training smarter, not harder.

As such, it’s recommended for pro athletes and hardcore fitness buffs. The features are great, but $30 a month is not recommended for beginners and leisure exercisers.

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit’s intuitive and simple approach to fitness tracking has its own elegance to it. It sticks to the essentials but provides accuracy in measuring health data. It’s one of the main reasons why it has been competitive over the years.

From tracking your heart rate to your sleep stages, The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a simple but all-around fitness tracker. This device is cheaper than most fitness trackers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as great. You can customize its design to suit your preferences.

You can also use different compatible mobile apps such as Weight Watchers and Waterlogged to achieve your fitness goals.

Fitbit Inspire 2’s Key Features:

  • 10 days of battery life
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep, workout, and calorie tracking
  • Water-resistant

Fitbit Inspire 2 Membership

Although Fitbit’s premium membership is optional, it enhances the device’s features. It offers guided health programs and access to workout videos. It also has some audio tracks available to guide you when you wind down to sleep.

While insights from data are crucial for tracking your health, a personal coach can give you the kick you need in order to improve your overall wellbeing. A personal coach can guide you in your goals and give you that nudge when you’re feeling sluggish.

Fitbit Premium Membership has 2 payment options. You can either choose to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or get a 30% discount when you pay the annual fee of $79.99. They may have added costs if you opt for health coaching.  The best thing is that they offer a 90-day free trial so that you can decide whether this is for you or not.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Benefits

Fitbit Inspire 2’s design is narrow and sleek. It’s thick compared to other brands but still lighter compared to previous models. It comes in a variety of colors and has a silicone strap that can be changed so you can use it for different events.  You can also add some accessories that you can buy from different brands. 

It has a touchscreen display where you can check your statistics. You only need to swipe to get to the menu to access its other features. However, the screen is not as responsive compared to smartwatches. Sometimes, you have to swipe multiple times to navigate.

This device can track your hourly steps and heart rate. You can predetermine Fitbit to alert you when you have become inactive. It will beep at the specific hours you have chosen you want to be active but you can turn this feature off.

Fitbit reminds users of their daily and weekly challenges. A popular exercise is the 10,000 step challenge where you will need to have up to 150 minutes of exercise depending on the intensity. The intensity is monitored through your heart rate.

The best part of this device (and why people buy it) is that it can track indoor and outdoor activities and exercises. 

It’s water-resistant, so it’s able to track your swim distance and pacing. It can also categorize your activity into different physical zones so you can keep track of your performance.

Another great feature is that it has a mode for guided breathing. It gives a gentle buzz so you know when to inhale and exhale during a 2 to 5-minute session. This is very helpful when you need to calm down.

The sleep tracker feature not only tracks your sleep but also analyzes your various sleep stages. The app can interpret this data so you can maximize your sleep schedule and have a better night’s rest.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Strengths:

  • 10 days of battery life
  • Customizable design and comfortable to wear
  • Easy access to metrics during workouts
  • Works with other mobile apps
  • Purchase comes with one year premium membership
  • Costs $89-$99

Fitbit Inspire 2 Weaknesses:

  • The narrow and sleek screen can be too small for reading
  • No built-in GPS
  • Can only be worn on the wrist

For only $89, you get a sleep and health tracker that even notifies you to stick to your health goals. The sleep stage tracker is a great feature, especially for people who have irregular sleep cycles. Fitbit Inspire 2 is an all-around fitness tracker helps get you energized throughout the day but calm your mind when you wind down to sleep.

Final Verdict: When Should You Pick the Whoop or Fitbit Inspire 2?

Whoop and the Fitbit Inspire 2 are fitness trackers that have different price points and purposes.

Whoop is an excellent choice if you are looking to improve your performance and achieve peak condition. Although it costs $30 a month, it connects you with other enthusiasts in the community. It’s a tracker that can push your limits further by listening to how well you can recover. It’s great for keeping track of your body’s present condition.

Moreover, it has a sleep and strain coach feature that helps you plan your workout more effectively. Your body won’t have to undergo unnecessary strain and it will get the rest that it needs to achieve your goals.

Whoop’s battery life is less than the Fitbit Inspire 2’s by nearly half, but Whoop’s advantage is that you won’t have to remove the tracker to charge it. You just need to slide the battery pack on top of it so it can continue tracking your heart rate.

Choose The Band to Fit Your Lifestyle

However, Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great choice if you are only looking for a simple but integrated tracker that can help you monitor your physical activity. Compared to Whoop, it has a screen where you can track your heart rate and receive notifications.

Also, it has a built-in breathing guide to calm you down when you’re stressed or when you need help sleeping. The heart rate tracker can analyze your sleep stages so you have an idea of what happens during those times. One of the great advantages it has is that you can use some of its features without having to pay membership fees.  With only $89, you get to use this device to track your activities.

If you are looking for something that tracks your performance, Whoop is an outstanding choice. It can monitor your body to optimize training and it can also help you plan your workouts. Meanwhile, Fitbit Inspire 2 is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a device that can track your fitness activity. It’s cheaper compared to Whoop, and you can even customize the tracker so it can fit your style.

In the end, the best device is the one that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Whoop is great for pro athletes and health buffs while the Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best choice for people who want to build a healthy lifestyle while having a standard wearable that includes text and calendar notifications.