Why Tea is Better Than Coffee

Last Updated on January 20, 2021 by James Matthews

Tea and coffee are two of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee has been around for over 500 years, while tea is older, and is closer to 5000 years old. While both have great health and mental benefits, tea is superior. 

Tea is far more environmentally friendly, and it provides more health benefits without as many negative health effects. Tea is easier to make, and there’s so much more of a variety than coffee. The dried leaf drink surpasses the dark roasted beans for many reasons, and here’s why. 

Tea is Easier to Make than Coffee

Simply put, it’s far easier to make a cup of tea than to brew yourself some coffee. All you have to do is put a bag of your favorite tea into your mug and pour hot water over it. Or put a couple of spoons of loose leaf tea into an infuser and add hot water. That’s it. 

Coffee seems to be so much more difficult. In the modern era, there is instant coffee, but if you want a quality cup of joe, at the very least you’ll need a coffee machine. 

It is far easier to just boil some water in a pot and pour it over tea versus the long process of making coffee. 

There are Fare More Varieties of Tea than Coffee 

Coffee has a total of 41 different varieties. These mostly differ only in the various temperatures and roast times for the coffee beans. When looking at each type of coffee, they all are generally the same. You can flavor them differently however you want, but it’s not going to change it at its core.  

There are so many varieties of tea on the other hand. With over 100 different ways to make tea, various plants, and herbs used there’s so much more variety. When you total up all the kinds of tea around the world, it is over 3000 different kinds of tea. 

3000 versus 41 is a huge difference when comparing the varieties of coffee and tea. 

Tea is More Hydrating Than Coffee

If a person was severely dehydrated, and only had a choice between tea and coffee, tea would be the better option. Because tea is essentially pure water with added tea flavors, it can hydrate you far faster, and much easier than coffee.  

Tea Reduces the Risk of Some Cancers and Other Diseases

Since the Chinese Emperor Shennong wrote about the health benefits of tea in an almanac almost 5000 years ago, people have linked tea to health benefits for thousands of years.  

Tea is full of antioxidants that vary depending on the tea you are drinking. For example, black tea is rich in theaflavins and thearubigins, which can inhibit the growth of lung and colon cancer cells.  

Scientific research has also found that tea reduces your risk of heart disease and strokes when you drink at least four cups of black tea per day. 

Green tea can also inhibit tumor cell growth, as well as induce a process called apoptosis. Apoptosis is the programmed cell death that allows new cells to grow healthily. This is because green tea is rich in polyphenols that fight cancer cells and promote healthy cell regeneration. 

Matcha green tea has the most antioxidants and phytonutrients out of any tea and even some superfoods. Studies have also shown it can help cure hangovers much more effectively than any cup of coffee ever could. 

The Caffeine in Tea Keeps You Going Longer than the Caffeine in Coffee 

The caffeine you get from coffee and tea is very different when you actually compare the two. It’s said that coffee gives you more caffeine, which is technically true, but the caffeine found in tea will keep you going for longer. 

Coffee gives you a large boost of energy immediately. You’ll feel far more awake after drinking a cup of coffee, but after a while, you will crash. Coffee has a far larger depressing effect on your energy levels as opposed to tea. 

Tea maintains your energy levels throughout the day, while also giving you mental boosts using caffeine and its three main stimulants. 

  • Theophylline relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow. 
  • Theobromine also relaxes your muscles, as well as the nerves in your veins, so your blood flows easier. 
  • L-Theanine reduces stress on your mind and body.

The caffeine produced through tea has a low absorption rate, so you don’t absorb it into your body all at once. In fact, this use of caffeine is so much better, that energy drink companies have started using green tea extract to put caffeine into their beverages. 

Drinking tea will give you a calm yet alert caffeine high for the majority of the day. If you have a lot to get done in your day-to-day, you’ll find it easier with a cup of tea rather than coffee in the morning. 

You Won’t Get Jitters from the Caffeine in Tea 

As stated earlier, tea releases caffeine at a slower rate. On top of this, L-theanine gives you an alert calm when you drink tea. These factors combined make it so you don’t get the jitters as you do with coffee. 

Tea Helps Reduce Stress 

Coffee can increase stress and anxiety due to it’s high levels of caffeine. Some people report having anxiety attacks while drinking a cup of coffee. 

Drinking tea has the opposite effect, however. That magic stimulant found in tea, L-theanine, reduces mental and physical stress. It’s also been shown that warm beverages can calm the mind. 

Tea is Better for your Teeth than Coffee 

Everyone knows and hates those coffee stains on your teeth. Coffee turns your teeth yellow or brown, and really the only way to get rid of those stains completely is to stop drinking coffee. 

Tea on the other hand will not stain your teeth, and as an added bonus it can actually promote good dental health. This is because tea has fluoride in it which mineralizes your teeth to avoid tooth breakdown, protects against cavities and tooth decay, and prevents bacteria from growing in your mouth. 

You definitely cannot say that drinking coffee is good for your teeth, but you can for tea. 

Tea Can Strengthen your Bones 

A study in Australia found that because of the high levels of catechins found in tea, people who drink tea regularly have stronger bones and are far less likely to develop osteoporosis.  

Don’t go overboard, however, as there was a case of a woman who drank 150 cups of tea per day that ended up developing skeletal fluorosis. This is a bone disease caused by an excessive accumulation of fluoride. It can cause weakened bones and painful damage to the bones and joints. 

Tea Can Help You get Stronger and Build Endurance 

Antioxidants found in tea, specifically those found in green tea, can have great physical effects on the body. They can help improve your muscle capacity and help with running endurance. If you want to get fit or run a marathon, drinking green tea can help you out quite a bit. 

Tea doesn’t Hurt Your Stomach 

tea is better

Coffee is very acidic, which can cause you to produce too much of your own digestive acids. This can cause a range of problems from a small stomach ache to stomach ulcers. It can really mess up your digestive system. 

Because tea is simply enriched water, it is not acidic at all. Tea won’t cause a stomach ache. In some cases, tea is even used to soothe an upset stomach. 

Tea Helps You Lose Weight 

tea is better

Green tea can jumpstart your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn fat more easily. Additionally, there aren’t many calories in tea, and compared to coffee, the additives that can be found in tea are far less fattening. 

Because tea is not bitter like coffee is, many people don’t add anything at all. For coffee, you have so many different creamers and sugary things to add to your coffee that increases the calories and also the fat you are consuming when you drink coffee. 

Over 1000 chemicals can be found in roasted coffees, 19 of which are known carcinogens. A judge in California ruled in 2018 in the case Council for Education and Research on Toxics vs. Starbucks Corporation that all coffee companies within the state have to serve drinks with a warning that they might cause cancer. 

If you’re talking about the health benefits of tea vs coffee, knowing that coffee is filled with harmful toxins, does not help its cause. 

Tea on the other hand has not been found to cause cancer and as stated previously, has antioxidants that fight tumors and even kill cancer cells.

Tea is Better to Drink when You’re Sick than Coffee 

tea is better

Nobody ever says to give someone with a sore throat coffee to make them feel better, but tea and honey is always a good home remedy. It’s because tea can boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and make you generally feel better. Adding a little honey to your tea can help soothe sore throats. 

There are even several herbal teas that ease specific ailments: 

  • Chamomile tea reduces menstrual pain and muscle spasms as well as promotes healthy sleep. 
  • Rooibos tea promotes good cholesterol and provides relief from allergies.
  • Peppermint tea contains menthol which helps soothe upset stomachs and cure constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and motion sickness. It can also relieve pain from migraines. 
  • Ginger tea fights against morning sickness, relieves joint pain and treats chronic indigestion.
  • Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure and prevents the forming of kidney stones.

Tea has been used to treat sick people all over the world for thousands of years. Many ailments caused by coffee can, in fact, be soothed by certain types of tea. When you can use one drink to fix the issues caused by the other, it’s hard to argue that tea isn’t better than coffee. 

Tea is More Environmentally Friendly than Coffee 

tea is better

BBC News released a carbon footprint calculator on their website so you can test and see how the foods you eat affect your carbon footprint.  

When selecting coffee twice or more a day, your consumption of coffee over an entire year contributes 311kg to your annual greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the equivalent of driving 795 miles in your car. 

If you choose tea instead of coffee but keep the twice or more a day option, it calculates that you contribute 30kg a year to your annual greenhouse gas emissions. That’s only 78 miles in your car. 

That’s a huge difference! Drinking coffee increases your emissions by more than 10 times that of tea. With climate change being an important topic recently, drinking tea instead of coffee will help lower your greenhouse gas emissions immensely, which helps the environment. 


tea is better

It’s not hard to tell that tea is better than coffee. Both are a widely enjoyed beverage around the world, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, we should all be drinking more tea than coffee. 

Whether you’re using it to soothe ailments, wake up in the morning, or simply warm yourself on a cold day, tea will be better than coffee in just about any scenario. Next time you wake up craving a hot beverage, grab a tea bag, and boil a pot of hot water. You’ll be happier and healthier if you do.